#HowTo Make the Most Out of Your Trip

A lot of you have been asking how I got to go on so many TV shows while I was in New York. Yes, working in the media did help me out for some shows, but there are ways anyone in the public can become audience members- and even get a chance to meet the hosts!

In 3 days, I was able to attend Live! With Kelly & Michael, Good Morning America, TheToday Show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and a Broadway show.

Here are some tips:

Go when it's cold outside.

The cold weather actually worked in my favor, since less people are willing to stand outside or wait in line. For example, there's usually a long line of people trying to get standby tickets for Jimmy Fallon.

An employee told me the line typically forms outside the NBC Observation Deck entrance around 7am ET or so before he hands out tickets at 9am. I got there at 8:30am, and there were only 5 people in line. That meant I had a great chance of getting into the show. (You probably have an even better chance of seeing Jimmy if you attend his monologue rehearsal before the show. See link below).

Most people get to The Today Show very early to get a good spot among the outdoor crowd. But, on a 20-degree winter morning like the day I went, only a handful of brave souls were willing to withstand the frosty temperatures.

Luckily, the plaza coordinator @AlexonthePlaza was nice enough to direct us to where the cameras would be filming so we could get on TV (and then huddle for warmth while we waited in between shots). A little before 8:30am, the anchors came outside for a quick segment. They even noticed my friend's birthday sign and wished her a happy birthday!

(Hint: bring a creative, eye-catching sign or prop to get the anchors' attention).

Be outgoing.

If you're visiting on a Wednesday, the plaza coordinator asks who wants to participate in the Kathie Lee & Hoda trivia game "Who Knew," which is televised during the last hour of The Today Show. It tapes from about 9:45am-10:30am in the NBC Experience Store (across the street from the plaza). Not sure if it's always taped in the store, but as long as you're at the Today Show Plaza, you'll get preference in going to the trivia show.

Don't be afraid to volunteer for things like this, even if it's not on your agenda. Whichever TV show you attend, producers and camera operators like to see energetic, overly-reactive, and happy audience members, so be sure to drink your coffee and smile- even in the early hours of the morning! :)

And if you do have a split second of a chance to snap a picture with someone, go for it! That second may be all the time you'll get- and need- to take a selfie with your favorite host or celeb!

Go with the flow.

Not everything is going to work out exactly how you planned it. You might not meet any celebrities. You might not get into a show taping (I was turned down for Jimmy Fallon the first time I got a standby ticket). You might forget to wear gloves and wool socks and suffer a little (right Katie?). Still, my experiences turned out even better than I imagined.

If something didn't go my way, I forced myself to shrug it off and move on to the next thing. There are way too many opportunities that you could be passing up if you only focus on what you missed out on.

I prayed I would be able to accomplish most of the items on my agenda and was blessed enough to do that- and more. For me, giving God full control of my trip was the best thing I could have done. Always take a moment to breathe, give thanks, meditate, whatever you find helpful in keeping yourself sane. (I snuck away for a mintute at St. Patrick's Cathedral).

Even if you travel to NYC (or any city) without a plan, make it a habit to keep your eyes open for lucky breaks. They will find a way to get to you, if you learn #Howto let them... by letting go.


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